Projects of Artefact Publishing

Below is a list of all projects which are a part of Artefact Publishing, whether they have been completed, are being worked on, or are not yet begun.

Archæology is the weblog of Artefact Publishing, which means there will be words on the various projects being worked on and other bits and pieces as the mood strikes.
Changeling: the Dreaming Database Registry
A set of web scripts to interface with a database providing detailed chronological information useful to people running White Wolf's Changeling: the Dreaming game. This project is under continuing development.
The Dreaming Web
An electronic enclyclopaedia on the history and nature of the Dreaming (from White Wolf's Changeling: the Dreaming game). This project is currently under development.
Multiple Personality and Dissociation Book List
An online list of books relating to multiple personalities and dissociation, with reviews. This site was revamped 11 August 2007; new features may trickle in, but it should mostly be maintenance as usual.
Text and English translation of the Vishnu Purana
A printed edition of the Sanskrit Vishnu Purana with facing English translation. I have a translation, but have been unable to find the original text. This project is not yet begun.
IPA Zounds
A sound change applier which takes word lists and sound change rules and gives the results of applying those rules to each word. Has a basic form (very similar to Mark Rosenfelder's original Sound Change Applier) and an IPA interface. Version 3.1 has been released.